Elsie in foster 5.jpg



She is such a survivor!



Abby has just turned one year old and she’s been through way too much in her little life so far. She was found by the side of the road and was absolutely skin and bones, covered with fleas and ticks. She appeared to have been hit by a car and x-rays confirmed that both hips were fractured. Noone claimed her and the vet who initially evaluated her reached out to our partner rescue for help. We were able to help raise money for the extensive surgery that she needed. Before the surgery, Abby was basically walking on two legs, dragging her back ones around but it didn’t stop her from playing and acting silly. Even though she was in pain, she didn’t seem to care.


Abby is so sweet and loving that it’s impossible to feel sorry for her! After the surgery she has been on leash-walk restriction only but can’t wait to be able to run and play with all the dogs. She may always be a little stiff when rainy or cold, but compared to what she’s been through she’ll take it! The first few photos are from before her surgery; you can see how debilitated she was, and look at her now in the last pictures - strong and healthy and ready to take on the world!


Abby appears to be a boxer mix and is approx.. 65 lbs. Her best friend is Mollie (pictured snoodling with Abby) but she likes all the dogs in her foster home. She has met children and done fine, and we do not know about cats at this time.


Abby is grateful, beautiful and smart. As soon as she is medically cleared she will get to come north and find her forever family. As far as long term care she will need a joint supplement and possibly check-ins with the vet a little more often than the “typical” dog but nothing else major.  She can’t wait to give kisses to her new people!