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Anderson - HOLD

*No new applications at this time*

Posted May 2021

Does it get any cuter than this? Anderson and his brother Andrew are bloodhound mixes and weigh 30 lbs. They are almost 5 months old and have been needing some extra TLC while they recover from skin issues. This is not contagious but definitely needed to be addressed before they headed north to us. They will need a medicated bath for a little longer but should do great from here on out!

These beautiful boys were abandoned by their owner as babies and now they have some cuts and scrapes from fending for themselves as stray dogs.

Being neglected and abandoned has not impacted their sweet personalities! These guys are sweet-natured, goofy and playful. They are curious about everything and crave attention and affection. Plus, they make the cutest little grunting piglet sounds! The boys will not be adopted out together – they are outgoing and confident and get along well with other dogs. We don’t have cat or kid info at this time but we think they’d love kiddo playmates!

Interested in meeting Anderson or one of our other sweeties? Check out our adoption application.


Thank you for considering rescue.

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