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If you have interest in meeting Belle or any of our sweeties, please fill out the adoption application. 


Belle is our favorite dog to bring to events because she is perfect with everyone! Check out her TV Debut on Channel 6's "Fetch Me a Home"   Video here


Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed. They are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. It is our expectation that, once approved, a potential family will meet the dog(s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 


Belle  (FKA Bijou)

Special needs sweetie

In Maine!

Newest update: July 2019


Belle is so much fun! She is living in a foster home with several other dogs and one of her favorite things to to run around the fenced yard and then sun herself in a nice grassy spot. She has been a great mentor dog to other  less confident dogs and she just loves walks, snuggling on her dog bed, and keeping her humans company.  She'll never turn down a belly rub!  She crates well when needed and likes snuggle times and going in the car on adventures. She enjoys going to work with her foster mom when she can and she gets to greet visitors in the vet office; she's so well-behaved.     


Belle will wholeheartedly join any adventure adn she will make someone an extremely lovely companion!  A little bit of maintenance can keep her being a part of the family AND not messing in the house.  

Routine maintenance includes wearing her diaper whenever in the main part (carpeted) of of the house to prevent leaking.  During her outdoor time and crate time she gets to have it off, and her crate blankets are washed between crate times. Someone will love doting on this girl and in turn will have a loving companion .


Belle loves peanut butter, cheese and playing with balls. She can de-squeaker a toy in minutes, and she loves bones. Belle was returned to the rescue because of a medical problem. She has bladder incontinence that hasn’t been completely cured with medication. She has a medical issue called ectopic ureters and the potential surgery is too risky and not always successful.  We feel it's not worth the risk and that managing her diapers is a small concession to pay for unconditional love from a fantastic dog. 


Belle is 5 years old and weighs 67 lbs. She appears to be a catahoula mix and she is gorgeous and wonderful!


Belle is great with children but sometimes jumps when she meets people at the door. She just gets so happy to have company and wants to hug you but continued training will help remind her this is unacceptable for a well-mannered big girl.   She loves to ride in the car, watch TV or take long walks as long as she can be with her humans.  Belle is not a big fan of rain and snow so she needs encouragement to go out in adverse weather. Loud noises startle her, especially if unexpected like thunder.


Belle loves the beach and loves doggy daycare. At home she likes to use her crate with the door open and a dog bed inside. If she doesn’t have a dog bed she will find something of yours to sleep on.


Belle is OK with cats, she tries to play a little too much so not every cat will appreciate that. She has also been a great ambassador at events with us. We just love this girl!