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Benny is a bouncy young man who is so adorable!


Our partner shelter does the, “Meet Your Match” Evaluation and he came out as Orange – Goofball- I’m a fun-loving, happy-all-the-time, glass-is-half full kind of dog looking for someone who loves to laugh and play around. Must have a great sense of humor and some time to spend with me. I’m on a mission to please you.

They tell us, “Benny is our sunshine boy! He has a zest for life that makes him a true joy to be around! Benny is 10 months old and is a great choice if you are looking for a medium-sized dog. He is so handsome with his tan and white coat and we love the perfect symmetry of his precious face! One of our volunteers says she adores his unique, Batman shaped eyebrows! He always looks like he is smiling, too! Benny is an enthusiastic companion on daily walks. He really shines in the shelter yard, where he races around and loves to play with the toys. Benny is a bright dog who will sit for the reward of a treat and is very trainable. We think he would be a great hiking or running buddy, too.

He has such a friendly, sweet personality and loves being petted and giving doggy kisses. He is the best cuddle buddy! Benny likes other dogs and he loves all humans. He weighs around 35 lbs and has a super personality, great looks and a shining personality - Benny has it all!