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If you have interest in meeting Bindi or any of our sweeties please fill out the adoption application. 

Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed; they are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. It is our expectation that, once approved, a potential family will meet the dog)s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 


Bindi - in Maine!

Newest Update: March 2023


Bindi is a super lucky girl, found in the south by a kind woman who became her foster mom – she is one of the lucky ones to be able to get the care she needed and come north to find forever love. From sniffing around the gutters for food to lounging on the furniture with her dog buddies, she can’t wait to find that one last stop, a forever home.  

Bindi is approx 45 lbs and has a bit of growing to do; she will likely fill out a bit more. Her southern rescuers believe her to be a Cur/Kelpie mix.  She has beautiful unique coloring with warm golden eyes and long legs.


Bindi is an energetic puppy. At approx. 10 months old, she has so much living to do. She likes to chase squirrels and other critters so it would take some time for her to be reliably off leash. She might have a blast at a dog sport or a job that would help hone her skills and give her physical and mental stimulation. She would love to go to classes and this would help her bond with her new human(s).

This smart girl watches her humans, sometimes following them around, to see what’s going on and what fun she can have next.  She can be right on your heels like a herding dog but given the opportunity to run outside, this girl is fast! In Mississippi she would sniff out little lizards and guard the homestead from birds. She’d rest at attention on the porch looking for prey.


Bindi loves to retrieve a ball and responds like a champ to treats.  She uses a gentle leader to walk and has already come a long way  on leash manners. She knows some basic commands and is eager to learn more.

She has already learned to sit and wait for her leash before going out. This is one smart girl!


Small children can be a little nerve-wracking for her but older, respectful kiddos would LOVE to play ball with her and snuggle on the couch once she gets to know them. 


In her Maine foster home Bindi is loving life with 4 dog friends and responds well to boundaries about furniture, meal time and play time. She uses a slow-feeder puzzle bowl because she will consume her meals entirely too fast without it. She has already learned that when she hears the sounds of meal time she runs to her crate. She eats and sleeps in her crate but would LOVE to graduate to couch-snoozing. She is a loving sweet girl!

Bindi is house-trained, crate-trained and is just a love who is ready for forever love. Could you be her new person?

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