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Buster - in Maine

Posted January 2021


Buster is a 14-15 year old tan pekingese who recently lost his human mom. This senior sweetie can be a bit anxious but he is managing well in his foster home. He has one eye and has developed some incontinence in his senior years so he uses a belly band when in the house to catch any dribbles. He LOVES to walk and goes for 3 short jaunts a day; he doesn’t run marathons at his age with arthritis in his little hips but he does love to explore. He is such a loving and fun little sweetheart; we’d love to see him have a retirement home where he could be doted on. He uses eye drops to help the remaining eye stay healthy and a medication to help him feel less anxious. He is groomed every 3 months to keep him in tip-top shape, you can tell he has been so loved! It is important that Buster have someone home the majority of the time. Besides walks, he loves to have his cheeks rubbed, to be snuggled and carried, and to eat cooked chicken! His zest for life is obvious when you meet him.


Buster loves people of all ages; he has not been around cats that we know of. When he meets a new dog he barks at them for a while then makes friends. Change can be hard for this little old man so we want to be sure that an individual or family is ready to transition him slowly into a new life.

If you have interest in meeting Buster or any of our sweeties, please fill out the adoption application

Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed; they are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout Maine. It is our expectation that, once approved, a potential family will meet the dog in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 

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