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Deadline approaching!

Calendar Fundraiser


C Our calendars have been one of our most fun and profitable fundraisers in the past, so let's get to it!

Some changes this year - YOU will submit the pictures of your dog(s).

Here are some rules:
Submit a good quality photo of your dog(s)

 Lucky Pup foster or alumni pups will get first dibs on space, and high quality pics will get preference. 

We will work to represent the widest variety of our rescue pups that we can.
No identifiable humans in the submitted pictures.

Email the photo to along with the dog's name and yours. We'd love to have a little update about your dog as well.

Calendars will be for sale before the holidays of 2022.










Would you like to sponsor a month? We have a few more available for $200  featuring your business

logo and contact info. 

Submitting a photo gives the rescue the rights to use the photo for our calendar project or on social media posts. For any other use, we will ask permission.
LPR team reserves the right to use or not use any photo submitted for the calendar.
If a  photo is not high enough quality we may ask for another or offer to have one of our ace photographers help.
Please submit photos by October 25th!  There is no cost to participate but we'd love it if you would pre-order at least one calendar if your dog is included ; 0 )  


















2019 calendar cover photo.jpg
2018 calendar cover photo.jpg
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