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Cruz - in Maine!

Most recent update: December 2016


These adorable little darlings are local surrenders whom we were asked to assist in rehoming as their family's living situation changed leaving them unable to keep them.

Cruz is a Rat Terrier who is 7  lbs and 2 years old. 


Mia and Cruz are in foster care with us now and doing well but we  feel that it will be in their best interests to separate them, as they do a lot of guarding when they are together. One on one they are move lovey and amenable to correction when they are separated.  


Cruz is more outgoing and within a short time he will be in your lap giving kisses. He comes when called and is brave and curious.


Cruz is house-trained and crate-trained.

Up until they came to us they had limited exposure to other

dogs and no exposure to cats but in just a few days in foster they have been integrated with a few other small dogs and some cats and it's going pretty well. We would not place them with young children because of their nervous and protective behavior. 


If you are interested in adoption of Cruz or any of our cuties please fill out the adoption application and we'll work with you to see if they might be a good match.