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Please note:  We do not have a physical location where dogs are housed; they are cared for in foster homes throughout New England. Daisy is in Cumberland County ME while she waits for her forever family to find her. 


To apply for Daisy or any of our sweeties, please see our application. FMI, you can reach us at luckypuprescue@yahoo.com


Daisy - In Maine

Latest update: August 2015


Daisy was a fan favorite with our southern shelter partner! Her face is just gorgeous with her one blue and one brown eye. She has a wonderful soft coat that is perfect for petting. She blossomed with the  love and attention she received from their staff and she is a good walking companion. Daisy loves to run and play and she rides well in the car too. She is a good-natured and very sweet girl. She will climb on your lap and loves to be petted and have belly rubs. She will be such a loving, loyal companion. Daisy does well with people of all ages and also gets along with other dogs. She does chase cats.


Daisy was adopted by someone who left her outside unsupervised a lot and she would jump the fence, probably out of boredom or wanting to be with her people. She would probably do really well at agility class!  


She is four years old and weighs 38 lbs, what a great medium size! Daisy appears to be a lab mix, maybe some border collie in there too - makes sense with the fence jumping ; 0 )


Now that Daisy has arrived in her Maine foster home, she is doing well with the male dog and mostly ignores the cat. She is doing agility activities in the fenced yard and she is SUCH  a love!


Daisy’s Maine foster mom says “she's doing very well here but I believe it's because she gets so much activity – we are outside and usually play ball 3-4 times a day plus she and the other dogs play and wrestle like mad.   

In a new home she will really need stimulation.   She is happy and well-loved. She does not need a crate and can be left here with and without the other dogs. She does like to be able to see out a window. She also is good in the car without a  crate”


Daisy is a beautiful active girl who would excel at doggy sports!