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Elsa - in Maine!

Posted June 2021


Elsa was rescued from Costa Rica by a kind dog lover. Her 5 other siblings have been adopted and there is no reason that Elsa hasn’t been! She is just about 8 months old and and seems to be a mix of hound and lab. She is gorgeous and loving. She is called the “pillow queen” in her foster home because she loves pillows and soft bedding – something she probably has never known until now! She is not a hyper dog but she is sensitive and can be overstimulated by a lot of people, noisy environments, or too many other dogs, so she would not be a good dog park candidate. She does well with another dog friend or two. She is a petite girl at about 40 lbs.


Elsa has not been around children and we think that young children would not be a match because she does not like to be disturbed when sleeping. This is true of most dogs, of course.

Like most dogs, Elsa would benefit from training to continue her good progress. She knows “sit” and “come” but has a ways to go before she’d be ready to be off leash. She is having so many new wonderful experiences like dining at an outdoor bistro.

Elsa’s rescuer thinks the ideal match would be a couple or single person with lots of time, love and affection to give and who is home a lot. A fenced yard would be ideal for her. She also needs a good amount of exercise and would love adventures like hiking or running. She likes to ride in the car and she might enjoy the companionship of a young active male dog as long as we’re still talking about the ideal home.


  She is a house dog, but she has some hound in her (probably some yellow lab too) and needs to RUN. She is a gorgeous runner and natural retriever, so it’s important that whoever adopts her have an active lifestyle. She loves to ride in the car and go places. She would also enjoy the companionship of a youngish male dog, but that may be too much to ask!

It has been such a pleasure to see Elsa blossom as an “only” but her rescuer knows that it’s time for her to find her happily ever after. She is a sweet companion and has become more friendly and warms up more quickly in new situations with dogs and humans but still can be reserved a bit at first.

If you have interest in Elsa or any of our cuties please fill out the adoption application. 

Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed; they are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. It is our expectation that, once approved, a potential family will meet the dog in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved.