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Foxy - in Maine! HOLD

*no new applications accepted at this time*

Posted March 2021

Foxy is a beautiful one year old tri-colored Australian Shepherd. She was rescued from a hoarding case in northern Maine and her lack of socialization is evident. Foxy is a very fearful girl and will not be the right dog for a first-time dog owner or where there are small children or much coming and going. She is working with our friends at Kompletely K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation because her fear is too significant for an “average” dog owner. She has trouble trusting most humans and she is tolerant of most dogs but her responses come from a place of fear.


Foxy’s home will be one that can spend time gaining her trust and teaching her the world is not such a scary place. We think a confident male dog may be a big help to her but we’re still learning what makes her feel the safest. She is food motivated so that will help. In the photos you can see a change in her body language from the first picture in a shelter, to transitioning into a new environment on the chair, to now where her eyes are softer and she is not in a constant "fight or flight" mode. Don't get us wrong, she still has a ways to go but we've worked with dogs like Foxy before and we have so much hope for her future!  Continued training will be a must so that Foxy can continue to move forward in her journey.

To apply to adopt Foxy or any of our sweeties, please check out our application. 

Please note: We do not have a physical location, but we are supported by a network of wonderful foster homes that are spread throughout New England. A dog will need to be visited by a prospective adopter in the foster home where they are feeling safe and comfortable.

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