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Jane - in Maine!

Adoption pending - no additional applications accepted

Newest update: April 2017



Jane is here and doing amazing! The little humans are her favorite but she also loves her giant canine protector. She is making great progress on housetraining, crate-training and is just the sweetest! These babies are wonderful!


The Little Rascals are as sweet as they are adorable. They are outgoing and friendly, and all of them are good with the other dogs in their foster home. They love children, and to rumble tumble with each other. They are already learning how to use the doggie door to go out.  The pups will be 4 months old when they arrive in early April. Cotton is the biggest at around 30 lbs and Jane is the tiniest at only 9 lbs.

The rascals were in a home with two unspayed mama dogs that gave birth about the same time so the owners didn’t even know which puppies belonged to which female; the mamas raised their puppies together so it didn’t matter at all to them! Since the females were allowed to roam the neighborhood noone knows who the dad(s) are to the babies. The moms appear to be lab mixes – one  looks like Waldo, possibly a lab/terrier mix and he other looks like Jane and Spanky, a smaller terrier mix.  Whatever they are they are 100 % adorable!


If you have interest in meeting Jane or any of our cuties, fill out the adoption application

Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed. They are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. It is our expectation that, once approved, a potential family will meet the dog(s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 


Thank you for considering rescue!