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Jolly - in Maine!

Posted June 2017


Jolly is such a sweet boy. His owner can no longer keep him due to family circumstances so we have agreed to help this 7 year old cutie. While his paperwork states shepard/corgi his mom things he is cattle dog/corgi possibly.  He is 55 lbs. and could stand to lose a bit of weight. He is a shedder and is a mellow dog who loves to sunbathe, go for walks and swim in the kiddie pool. He’s so funny; he will wade up to his belly. But he also loves to run on trail rides with his family’s horses or on a bike or ATV trip. He leads the way and is so happy to guide and herd the humans , horses, and machines! He is not safe with cats so he needs a feline-free home, and Jolly is passionate about his food and will need continued work on this and management around other dogs and humans.  He uses a thundershirt during storms.


Jolly loves his humans and would be happy to be near you 24/7 but doesn’t really play. He will chew on his toys but is not interested in chase or fetch games. He also loves car rides.


Jolly likes to meet new people and might forget his manners and jump up to say hi. His owner thinks an adult-only home will be best for him.   Jolly lives with two female jack Russell terriers and gets along fine with them. He doesn’t have a lot of experience with bigger dogs or males but when our volunteer brought her larger mellow male dog Jolly was great with him!    When our volunteer met Jolly she found him to be very friendly and immediately was asking for belly rubs.