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If you are interested in adopting Jude or any of our sweeties please fill out the adoption application.


Please note: we do not have a physical location; our dogs are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. Once approved, it is our expectation that  a potential adopter will meet the dog(s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 

Jude - in Maine!

Newest update: January 2018


The best thing about Jude is that he is always smiling! You can't help but be happy around this boy! Jude has come back to us because he is having a hard time with the children in his adoptive home. He is awesome with the adults and is a champion snuggler.  The vet thinks this senior boy is losing a bit of his eyesight which may be affecting his tolerance of the little people. 


Jude is just a sweet love and we are unsure of his age. He had been listed as 6 but our vet estimated he was a bit older, at least 8. He is great in a crate but also does not destroy things out of a crate so he could probably work up to being left out once he settles in. He walks well on leash and rides well in the car. He’s interested in smelling everything, but not super interested in typical toys, he just wants to be with you.


Jude came into our southern partner shelter thin and scared last year. Since being cared for and placed into foster care he has gained some much-needed weight and is doing amazingly well. Our partner shelter told us, "Jude has wonderful manners and is a perfect companion who trots amiably at your side on his daily walks. He is doing wonderfully on housetraining and loves to explore and play. He even thinks the agility equipment is pretty cool. He takes treats so gently from your hand.

We have no idea about his breed mix - maybe a hound/collie?  Whatever he is, he is 100% adorable and happy!"  One of their volunteers says "I love this wonderful dog! He is so trusting and good-natured. Jude has become my favorite cuddle buddy. He appreciates kindness and attention and it truly makes my day to be around this precious dog!"

Jude is terrific and submissive with other dogs and he is having fun with our friends at York Bark and Play playing with his dog buddies. Jude is not a good match for cats so will need a feline-free home. 


When he went to the vet, he loved everyone and even wanted to hang out in the back with the staff. He was an angel in the car. Jude is missing a few teeth so has been chewing on a chain or a crate, but the remaining teeth are in good shape.


Jude weighs 48 lbs now (up from 32 when he was first rescued!). And how could you resist singing the Beatles tune to him every day if you adopt Jude?