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Lita - in Maine

Posted November 2019


Hello, it's Lita. It's been just a few days that I've been in Maine and I thought I  would update you on how things going and how wonderful I would be if you adopted me!  I really like my foster humans a lot but I am looking for a long-term relationship, like FURever! I like humans a lot and dogs too.


I like being around humans but I am not clingy or underfoot. I am good walking on a leash and in the car. I love to go on adventures and check out the smells of the neighborhood. I sleep through the night and I like to find soft spots to rest.


My vet says I am an adult girl at 2-3 years old and I would be a great catch for lovers of big dogs because I weigh 65 lbs and am tall and pretty .  I was an absolute favorite with my southern shelter volunteers. I met cats and was curious but didn't try to eat them. 


Here's more good news about me....I'm sweet, attentive, responsive , and I know some basic commands. I am a quick learner! I could be a keeper for a person or family looking for a long-term companion. Just contact Lucky Pup Rescue and fill out an application. I would love to meet you. Hope to see you soooooooon!