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Loki - courtesy post

In Maine

Newest update: October 2016


Are you tall?  Or do you like a dog that you don’t have to lean over to pet?  If so, Loki could be the dog for you!


Loki is a tall, lanky, affectionate and happy guy.  He is living in a foster home in Bar Harbor with another dog and a pack of cats.  He enthusiastically embraces playing and snuggling with his dog buddy, being with his people, walks, car rides and learning new things.  He gets along with other dogs and likes people, though he does bark at people when they first arrive at his home.  He is learning a “place” command for this situation, so that he will go to his place and wait until he has calmed down before he’s allowed to greet people.


Loki’s foster mom thinks he is a shepherd and lab mix.  He is 4 years old, medium energy, and about 80#. Loki’s ideal home would be with people who are moderately experienced with large dogs.  Loki loves his daily walks and playing with his buddy.  With that exercise, he is fine hanging around the house the rest of the day.  He doesn’t chew anything except his toys and is for the most part quite mellow around the home.  He would be happy living with another dog, or as an only pup if he had opportunities to play and socialize with other dogs.


Loki is not a Lucky Pup dog - for more information or to consider adoption, please contact Martie at hssc_ahr@yahoo.com