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Lola - in Maine!

Most recent update: June 2017


Lola is a 3-4ar old mixed breed girl – we see some hound dog in there but no idea what else she is mixed with. She was originally rescued as a central Maine stray and is still looking for the right family for her.


Lola is a sweet, fun girl!  She walks well on leash and enjoys walks in the woods.  Lola takes some time to warm up in new situations but once she does her personality shines.  
She needs a person with patience to help her adjust to a new environment.    
Lola needs some space to feel comfortable with new dogs and new people.  She is ok with cats but may chase them.  She would need to be supervised with any dogs or cats.  
Lola is active and would do well with continued obedience training to help build her confidence and bond her better with her new family. She is a smart girl and would do best with older children or in an adult-only home. 
 She absolutely loves  the children in her foster home and she can't wait for "her kids' to come downstairs each morning so they can go out and jump on the trampoline together! They are pre-teen and teens and that would be perfect for Lola


Lola has a health issue, specifically IDS (similar to Irritable Bowel in humans) so she has to eat a specific food that has agreed with her. She is doing great on this food, but it does cost a little more per month


Lola is with one of our wonderful trainers who tells us 


Lola is super sweet.  She is doing well with male dogs as long as they are not near her food or her crate.  She loves my Rottweiler.

Lola has come a long way here.  When she came here she was under confident and scared.  She had signs she wasn't handled well but with patience and a good handling routine she will do very well.  She needs a handler that will make sure she is obedient and have a structured routine.  "


Check out this video, it will make you laugh out loud!