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Maggie 2 

Newest update:  April 2018


"Maggie  2" is a cutie pie beagle and she is ALLLL beagle! She likes you to hear the song of her people. What a riot, but not an apartment dog for sure! She is 2-3 years old and weighs about 30lbs. Maggie is very sweet! She loves the other dogs in her foster home but she would be fine as an “only” also because she is confident, housetrained, crate-trained and ready to roll.


Maggie needs to eat by herself and is not super excited about sharing toys or food with other dogs but is getting better about the toys especially.


Now that she is in Maine we are getting to know her even better. Her foster mom tells us Maggie is always on patrol with her Beagle nose.


When she sees a squirrel in the yard she will let you know! There will be no critters with Maggie on patrol (which is all the time!).

Maggie is in a foster home with four other dogs of all ages and size and is loving life but would do just fine as an only dog having ALL of your attention to herself. The foster home also has a cat that Maggie will not give any peace so a home with no cats would be best for Maggie and the cat. Maggie has all of the Beagle traits like wandering if she gets the chance so Maggie will need to be on leash when outside or have a completely fenced in yard. A long lead (50’ leash) has been working great in her foster home.

Maggie loves the sun and will take naps in the sun spots while following them around the house. She also loves to snuggle and knows no stranger.

You couldn’t ask for a sweeter dog.


If you have interest in meeting Maggie 2 or any of our cuties please fill out the adoption application


Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed. They are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. It is our expectation that, once approved, a potential family will meet the dog(s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved.