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Meet the M puppies! Marshall, Millie, Mack and Mickey are 4 month old babies and they are so sweet! We have no idea about their breed mix(\(\(\(\(es). Because their parents were unknown it's hard to say but people have guessed rottweiler, shepherd and lab in there!   Whatever they are mixed with they are 100 percent adorable! The M puppies are living with 5 children ranging in age from toddlers to teenagers and they love everybody. They are doing well with other dogs and cats, and are doing great with housetraining.  


To apply to adopt an M puppy or any of our sweeties, please check out our application.


Please note: We do not have a physical location, but we are supported by a network of wonderful foster homes that are spread throughout New England. A dog will need to be visited by a prospective adopter in the foster home where they are feeling safe and comfortable.


Thank you for considering rescue!

The M puppies are with our southern partner rescue and will be coming north soon so their forever families can find them.