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Oakley - in Maine

Most recent update: November 2021

Oakley and his siblings came to us at the end of the summer and Oakley is the last to get adopted due to his shyness. He is sweet and gentle and loves the other dogs in his foster home, but new things are still a little scary for him. He is thriving in a family where he finally knows what it's like to be loved.  He is a beautiful lab mix who is approx. 9 months old. 

Oakley is a petite guy at about 35 lbs so he will be a great medium-sized addition to his forever family. He is doing great on housetraining and is crate-trained. 

Oakley is excellent on a leash. He is not a big snuggler; he will tolerate it but is still learning to enjoy physical contact.


Oakley is a smart dude and has taken well to learning in his foster home. His fear has dissipated a lot with the presence of the other dogs and we think he needs another dog to feel the most comfortable. He now likes running and playing with them. With new people he can be skittish if they try to pat him right away, but he will follow you around and gently nudge you with his snout so that you know he’s there but might back away if you turn to love on him.   


With children, Oakley is skittish with little ones who will run towards him but if they are older and calm, he enjoys them and is very gentle. He enjoys the car and is happy to curl up for a good nap after he has had some playtime.

If you have interest in meeting Oakley or any of our cuties please fill out our Adoption Application. 

Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed; they are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. It is our expectation that, once approved, a potential family will meet the dog(s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 

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