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Penny - HOLD

*no additional applications accepted*

Posted July 2021

Penny has settled into her Maine foster home wonderfully and we’re learning a ton about her!  She seems to want a  person all to herself so she quickly selected her foster mom and has been glued to her. She wags her little nub and is pleased to be the “Velcro girl”..  She is a poodle mix (certainly a "mini" mix!) and is 10 years young - she doesn't act her age whatsoever!


Penny has paid no attention to the cat; the cat hissed and set the boundary and Penny has been respectful. She is sharing the house with an older female dog but does not really want to share “her human”. She will assert her bossiness, all 9 lbs of her.


She loves to snuggle with her human. She is very charmingly sweet and lovey and kissy. She slows down for nothing when she’s on the move. She likes to run and she is a quick little bunny when she gets the zoomies.


We think Penny’s ideal retirement home might be with a human who is also retired and likes to sit and cuddle and is home a lot. Her Majesty Penny has lots of love to give.

If you are interested in applying for Kaden or any of our sweethearts please see our application

Please note:  we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed. They are cared for in our wonderful network of foster homes throughout New England and our expectation is that, after you are approved by the 

rescue, you will meet the dog(s) in their foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 










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