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Rocky - in New England

Posted June 2017


Rocky is a chihuahua baby who is about 10 months old now and about 15 lbs. He is a local surrender but originally came from the Virgin Islands and was lucky to make his way to the states.  Rocky has some typical chi characteristics such as his headstrong nature and he can be a little defensive over his body so little kids won't be a good match. He loves playing with other dogs and he goes to the dog park and runs his little heart out.  He has been around cats and he will play chase but is not aggressive; this would need to be monitored.  Like most chihuahuas he can be vocal when he first meets a new person or new dogs but then is all tail wags. He is full of personality!

Like most puppies, he likes to chew and can be possessive of what is in his mouth. He is going to be working with a trainer to help his humans learn how to help him.  An experienced chi owner will just love this guy! He is a bundle of energy and he loves to run and play with his day care buddies.  His foster mom says he also

loves playing fetch, cuddling up next to his people while they work and learning new commands


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