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If you are interested in Scout or any of our sweeties, please fill out the adoption application. You can also email for more information to luckypuprescue@yahoo.com


Please note: we do not have a physical location where the dogs are housed; they are cared for in foster homes throughout New England. It is our expectation that you will meet any potential new family members in their foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 




 In Maine


Scout finds himself in need of a new home because his human has a new living situation happening imminently.   He tells us, "Scout is one of the most lovable canines there is! He is about 5 years 
old and is a 60 pound boxer / plotthound mix that was originally a southern boy but don’t let that fool you, Scout loves the snow!

While Scout is crate trained (using the command: ‘go to bed’), he 
does well roaming the house (just put any food in the rubbish where he cannot get it) throughout the workday. He will sometimes just crawl into his crate, especially if there’s a thunderstorm or fireworks.

Scout does need an active home, or a large yard to play in just be aware that he is very prey driven so a fenced in yard is best. This past 
winter, on the days I didn’t get him out for a walk, I taught him a 
few new commands, most he learned within 3-5 days – he is very treat 
motivated and learns the best when you have a good supply of treats handy.

This past year, Scout has had 2 other companions that visited on a 
regular basis, a Boston Terrier and a German Sheppard. Scout is not keen on sharing his food or toys with other dogs (however will not mind sharing with you), however other than that he does well with the other dogs.

Scout knows a few commands and loves learning new things, he’s a very quick learner. He knows sit/lay/and wait. He is leash trained and walks by your side without pulling. He has started running with his dad and he will "go to bed" in his crate or "go to sleep" in the human bed. He likes to go for rides in the jeep, knows "go outside", shake, "sideways" (turns his body) and gives kisses. 

Scout can be quite exuberant in his greetings and may knock over little kids with his excitement, however he is very good with kids.

Did I mention Scout is prey driven? Well, he gets too excitable around 
cats so he needs a feline-free home.