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Here is a super sweet video of our girl Spider.


f you  have interest in meeting Spider, please fill out the adoption application


Please note, we do not have a physical facility where are dogs are housed; they are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. It is our expectation that, once approved, a  potential family will meet  the dog(s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved 


Spider - in Maine!

Most recent update: Feb 2018


Spider is a sweet senior who is so full of love!  She is a mixed breed girl, we think she is a Shepherd and/or Husky, and she is  13 years old but she has dreams of being pampered for many years to come. Spider was originally adopted by a military family when she was 2 years old after she was found injured & abandoned on a highway in Texas; she was in rough shape and heartworm positive.


Fast forward to now and as she has aged , the family has grown and Spider has become increasingly uncomfortable in a busy household with several children & also she is not keen on traveling. As her family continues with military deployment taking them on many cross country trips they have decided it would be best for her to secure a retirement home in Maine. Don’t let her teenage years fool you, Spider still thoroughly enjoys her walks, she LOVES the outdoors from the waves at the beach to the snow season too!

We now have Spider in one of our loving foster families so we are getting to know her personality & her other preferences . She is just such a doll!  


Spider currently weighs around 50#, we think she can afford to lose just a few of those to make it easier on her joints as she had a previously torn ligament in one of her legs & additionally when she was rescued as a 2 year old she had some kind of trauma to her back which left her with some mild scars under her coat & a little tenderness on her back between her hip area. We have started her on a joint supplement & she seems comfortable.   Spider has lived with a Dachshund & cat in her prior family. Right now she is the only dog in the home and is enjoying soaking up all the attention, just sharing with a kitty friend, but she plays with the neighbor dogs often and her foster family thinks she would LOVE to have a canine buddy!


Her foster family tells us, "

She is an absolute sweetheart, very calm and laid back, loving, impeccable house manners, great with our ferocious feline,  aggression free, comes when called (except when squirrels are involved). But most of all, she is grateful - grateful to be allowed in the house, grateful to eat, grateful to snuggle on the bed or couch with us; she prances with happiness!


I think she misses her fur companions because she kisses every dog she’s met so far, almost mothering them. 

She has great leash manners and LOVES her long walks every day. She snuffles in the high grasses, and now the snow, sniffing out little creatures, tho she has yet to find one. Nothing makes her happier than listening for and chasing squirrels. She has just discovered wild turkeys and delights in chasing them out of our yard, too.


For a dog who reportedly had  arthritis, she is surprisingly spry and free from any noticeable limping. She has tolerated mile+ long walks from the day she came to us, and this is on uneven trails back in the woods. I’m sure she’s lost some weight since we’ve been walking her and dividing her food into AM & PM feedings. "


Do you have the perfect retirement home for Spider?