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In Maine

Newest update: July 2016

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Tucker is a handsome fun boy! He is a lab mix who is approx 2 1/2 years old. He weighs about 45 lbs and is full grown so he's a great medium size. Tucker loves to meet new humans and he is so handsome, so he always gets attention.  He was rescued by our southern rescue partners when he was hanging around a gas station in a very rural area for about a month. People would go in the gas station and bring him biscuits. He then started following people around town and they were worried he was going to get hit by a car because he would walk in the middle of the street. Tucker is housebroken, crate trained and spends the workday with full access to his foster home (without incident). He is a fence jumper/climber - he has scaled a wooden and chain link fence; he does well with a long-lead, runner or stationary hitch-point; he shouldn’t be left outside unattended.

 Tucker is a real goofball (he has been known to chase his own tail) and is a total sweetheart. Tucker is a very energetic guy who likes to go for walks  or explore in the woods - he’s just a petite medium guy who acts like a big dog outside and acts like a lap dog when inside. He likes to curl up with his foster dad in his recliner, and sleeps each night on the couch. He plays with his foster sister Lexi, (a 2014 Lucky Pup alum) can be rough but when she has had enough, he knows how to stop.  Tucker is extremely agile and can jump really high. He excels at his foster home’s agility course. Tucker is respectful of his humans, does not beg for food and he loves to ride in the car (even just to the transfer station).   He wouldn't mind being an  love to be an “only” or to find the perfect canine buddy to pal around with.  


Tucker graduated from obedience class with his foster family and he is a rock star! At home he is wonderful with his furry foster sister, his human brother, and has been accepting to other foster dogs that have been introduced for outings and weekends. He uses a long lead outdoors and loves to play and explore. He even works with his foster dad outdoors in the rain or enjoys being tethered around the fire on a weekend night.  Tucker can be picky about dog friends he likes to meet, but has undergone socializing training is becoming a good dog park dog.  He can be awkward with new dog introductions but with careful introductions he has been able to socialize with other dogs in an off-leash setting.  Tucker really wants a proactive, athletic, outdoor-oriented adoptive family.  


Tucker’s foster family tells us: “he snuggles with his people in the house, he listens to his humans, has learned some commands, and loves popcorn and hot dog buns. He is very treat-oriented. We are working on walking without pulling, Tucker is excited to see what is up ahead, but will stop on command and sit to wait when instructed.  Tucker has a lot of energy and is always excited to play tug-of-way with his rope toy or run around at the dog park, and when it’s time to crash, he likes to find a person to snuggle up with.”


Tucker entered a 5K run with his foster dad and was a total rock star. He was barely winded when they crossed the finished line and was looking for friends to play with or to run again with! Check out the pictures from the event in the slideshow. 


Here are some videos of Tucker and his foster siblings  - such a smart boy!

Tucker has an Animoto video here that shows you about this cutie!  












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