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*Please take a minute to read through this page, the application links are at the bottom. Thank you!*



You have the option to fill out our adoption application/contract online or you can download the application in the next section below, then fill it out and return by email to Before you click on either link, please read the following: 


**Please note that the processing of your application takes some time for the volunteers of the rescue. If you are not willing to wait (generally 1-2 weeks) and to assist us in the process, please do not fill out the application. Our time could be spent saving other dogs rather than taking the time to work on your application, only to find out that you got a dog elsewhere or didn't want to wait. When you find your new family member, it will be well worth the couple of weeks it took to find the right match for your family. Your honest, thoughtful answers will help us find a family member that suits you AND the dog.  Please bear with us; we all are volunteers with day jobs, pets and children.



We at Lucky Pup Rescue Inc. are committed to finding the best "doggy fit" for you and your lifestyle so that you will have many happy years together. If you are lucky, you will have a dog for 15 years or more, so please give some thought to where your life will be at that point - will there be a change in residence, children in the picture, extensive travel, a different climate or residence type, assisted living or other changes that will affect you and your dog? Our adoption process includes (in this order) the application, veterinary and personal reference checks, a home visit by one of our volunteers, meeting of potential dogs, followed by exchange of contract and adoption fee if you choose to adopt.  Our dogs are primarily in Maine and it is our expectation that the potential owner will visit the dog in their foster home. We have dogs as far south as Kittery and as far north as Greenville so please be aware you may have to travel to meet them. To find the right family member, it's totally worth it!  Once you find a good fit that you and we are comfortable with, then your dog can go to his or her new home. After payment, we are able to email you the dog's medical paperwork.


Please note: We do not "hold" a dog until a family is approved through the rescue. Don't let it deter you if you are not first in line - sometimes the fourth or fifth person in line gets to adopt a great dog! Why is this, you might ask? Many people don't follow through, and it's not fair to the dogs and the volunteers of the rescue. We will be honest with you about where you are in the process. 



The standard adoption fee is $375.00 for dogs under 6 months of age, $350 for dogs 6 months to 6 years of age, $250.00 for dogs 7 and older. This helps cover adoption costs, transportation, vaccinations, preventatives and medical costs so that we may continue to rescue other at-risk dogs. Costs may vary in unusual circumstances. In the rare case that a dog is unaltered because they are too young or are awaiting medical clearance, an aditional spay/neuter contract and a $100 refundable deposit is required by the state of Maine. This will be noted on the dog's bio on the "adoptable dogs" page. All fees need to be paid by paypal, check or cash prior to adoption. Mailing address is Lucky Pup Rescue, PO Box 461, Kennebunkport ME 04046 and the email address for paypal is We will not release any dog's paperwork until payment has been received. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant for any reason if we feel the needs of the dog will not be properly met or if the adoption is not in the best interest of the dog. If you need an application mailed to you, please request by email, and return it to the physical address above or fax to 207-692-1001. 


The application serves as your contract if you are approved and find a suitable dog through Lucky Pup Rescue Inc. You must be at least 23 years old and living in New England to submit an application. 


Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. If you have any questions while filling it out please contact us at There are two very important sections at the end regarding our expectations an commitment to you, and yours to us and your new dog. Please take the time to read through all sections. You do not need to sign the application/contract until adoption; at that time we will get your physical signature. 



January 2020: We have a new form for the adoption application - please be patient with us. If you'd like to send an email confirmation to be sure we received it, go right ahead! (


The link is here:  Online adoption application and contract

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