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 Thank you for your interest in fostering a rescue dog. We are an organization of volunteers offering a second chance to dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. Special homes providing foster care for dogs that are waiting for their forever home must be carefully screened to ensure the dogs have the best care and best chance for a great future. We can only rescue dogs if we have safe places to bring them while we secure permanent homes for them. Without you, rescue work couldn’t happen!


    Fostering a rescued dog is a big responsibility. You must be able to provide a safe, clean and caring environment for an animal that will require time for rest, healing, and getting a fresh start in life!

Food, supplies and medical care for fostered dogs will be provided by Lucky Pup Rescue, Inc. A foster family may provide toys or healthy treats if desired.

When dogs are first rescued, they are generally untrained and exuberant, happy to finally be with someone who cares! Sometimes they are not housebroken, and can have some minor behavior problems (such as getting into garbage, stealing food from counters, jumping up, etc.)

Many of these dogs have been strays, abandoned, or have spent their lives penned or chained outside and have never been taught how to behave as part of a family. When they come off of transport, they are scared and confused for the first few days.

Please be patient with our dogs. They will settle in after a few days of quiet rest. Use positive reinforcement only, and never use punishment or crating to discipline your dog.

For more information, please see our Foster FAQ page by clicking here. You can also reach us through our Contact Us page with any questions. For terrific training articles, please visit our Resources page. When in doubt, please ask!

It's not possible for us to predict how long a dog will be in foster care before its permanent home is found. Some dogs are in foster care for as short as a week, and some can be there several months. How quickly we can place a dog depends on many factors such as physical appeal, age, health and training. For many dogs we've found that foster families who provide basic training such as obedience and good manners to their foster dogs make those dogs easier to place, and they tend to get adopted more quickly.

Can I adopt my foster dog? If you are thinking about adopting, please let us know up front that this is a possibility for you, so we understand where you are coming from. If you, as the foster family, decide to adopt your foster dog we ask you to let us know in a timely manner so that we can be respectful to any potential adopters.

We do need to collect our adoption fee (standard fee is 300$ / seniors over 6 are 250$) at that point, as we are strictly non- profit.


We are not able to provide medical care after adoption; it will become your responsibility at that point. Most dogs cost much more than is recouped after collecting the fee. Please read the information about adoption at the end of this contract for more details.

Please remember that these dogs are flight risks and should be on lead or within a secure, fenced in yard at all times when out. Lucky Pup Rescue, Inc. requires that all fostered dogs be leashed at all times when in public or in an un-fenced yard. Furthermore, they must live inside the home and never be chained or tied outside if no human is present. Please notify us immediately if the dog gets lost.

Lucky Pup Rescue, Inc. is responsible for finding permanent homes for our dogs. Do not place the dog with another caregiver, and please check with us before using a doggy day care, boarding facility, vet, trainer, changing the dog’s diet or using any type of medication or remedy.

If you know of a good human family match for your foster dog, please ask them to fill out an adoption application online or they can request one by email. We make every effort to find a good foster match too, but please remember we cannot be held responsible for any damage to person or property caused by the foster dog.


Responsibilities of the Foster Family:

Provide a safe, loving environment for the dog.
Notify Lucky Pup of any concerns regarding health or behavior immediately.
The following serious symptoms require immediate action: Profuse vomiting or diarrhea, blood coming from anywhere, lethargy or lack of eating or playing.
We ask that you participate in helping us find a forever home by updating photos, videos and their biography, and that you attend “meet and greet” events when you can.
We may also ask you to help transport dogs to vet appointments, meetings with potential adopters or other settings. If you cannot do these things, please let us know!
Follow our guidelines and directives regarding care.


Please note that, while we very much value your input on what type of home will suit the dog, all final decisions on adoption approval are made by Lucky Pup Rescue, Inc.

The minimum age to foster or adopt a dog with us is 23 years old. We have made limited exceptions in the past, if a family is stable with housing and finances.

Things you need to know about fostering

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