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We have some specific needs. Can you help?

  • Are you interested in becoming a Foster Family for a dog in need?

  • Can you create, print, and hang flyers for our events and to advertise our rescue sweeties at your local vet, pet store, or community bulletin board?

  • Are you available for fundraising events and public relations projects?

  • Would you like to man a table at "Meet and Greet" events to promote adoption awareness?

  • Could you transport dogs to and from foster homes, vet visits, and rescue events?

  • Can you provide respite foster care overnight or for a few days while a foster family travels?

  • Are you willing to clean crates?

  • Do you have an hour mid-day to walk some dogs needing exercise while their foster family is at work?

  • Do you have any interest in taking a dog through a training class?

  • Do you enjoy sewing? Our doggy bandanas are big sellers if you'd like to make some for us!


In order to become a part of our rescue family Contact Us

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