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Becky - in Maine

Newest update: November 2022

Becky  is 8 yrs old  but don’t tell her she’s looking for a retirement home because then she will tire out playing ball.  her playing ball if you let her. We don’t think she has slowed down much at all, she is no couch potato! She is a beautiful 61-lb lab mix with a shiny coat and a desire for routine (and a ball!)


Becky doesn’t love being crated but once she settles in we think she wouldn’t need one if she can be in a doggy proof area when you are not home. Becky is not kitty-friendly and she would prefer to live without other dogs because she likes her possessions and people to be just hers ; 0 )  If she’s out on a walk, she tolerates dogs just fine but doesn’t want to play with them.


This girl can’t catch a break. She has been in and out of the rescue for far too long because of her dislike of chaos and kitties.  Small children would not be a good match for Becky and frequent visitors or busy schedules are hard for her to adjust to. We think her ideal home has a fenced yard with one or two humans that don’t mind indulging her love for balls. Becky is staying with our friends at Kompletely K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation and a new family would need to continue the training that has been set up for her so that she can be the fun and awesome girl that we know she is! 

Here's a short video of pretty girl Becky:

Interested in adopting Becky or any of our other sweeties? Check out our adoption application.

Please note: we do not have a physical facility where our dogs are housed; they are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. 

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