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Posted May 2021


Elliot was surrendered with his best friend Ollie when their human family got evicted for having dogs when they weren't supposed to. These two are lab mixes who are almost identical in looks, including having two different color eyes. We don’t think they are related but we are unsure.   Elliot is very friendly and is 1.5 to 2 years old and weighs 57 lbs. He is kid-friendly and slept in bed with the kids in their former home. He is housetrained but is not very used to using a crate in his recent past. His southern foster mom is working on it! Elliot is cat friendly, dog friendly and is a very active boy who would benefit from lots of great exercise. We are planning to separate them but would entertain the idea of adopting these boys together to a very active family.


To apply to adopt Elliot or any of our sweeties, please check out our application.


Please note: We do not have a physical location, but we are supported by a network of wonderful foster homes that are spread throughout New England. A dog will need to be visited by a prospective adopter in the foster home where they are feeling safe and comfortable.


Thank you for considering rescue!