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Posted February 2024

This fluffy muffin is just as sweet as pie. She is listed as a heeler/terrier mix and is 2 years old. Whatever genetics are in there, she is 100% fun and gorgeous. Hailey was surrendered by an older owner who could not handle this young, strong dog who grew to be 50lbs, probably unexpectedly. She is great with everything and everyonee! She enjoys other dogs, and is even accepted by her furry foster sister who can be choosy about her friends. She is house-trained, loves walks and is great in the car. Hailey does fine in a crate, and loves to play.  She is not a fan of unexpected loud noises like gunshots or fireworks; she will go to a safe place such as her crate  or the human bed.

Hailey got to see the ocean for the first time and had so much fun! She loves to be brushed, is a fan of ice cubes and eating snow. Bailey has learned some commands and can sit and give high-fives. She does not want to be left out of anything the humans are doing and enjoys working alongside her foster mom in her home office. 

Her foster family calls her Dixie because of her similarity to the book character ; 0 )

Here is a video  of cutie pie Hailey/Dixie.

To apply to adopt Hailey or any of our sweeties, please check out our application.


Please note: We do not have a physical location, but we are supported by a network of wonderful foster homes that are spread throughout New England. A dog will need to be visited by a prospective adopter in the foster home where they are feeling safe and comfortable.


Thank you for considering rescue!


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