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Heidi is a 1.5 year old black lab. She was adopted last year from us and has been doing well but has shown too much prey drive with the chickens. Her family feels she needs a fenced yard, an energetic dog to play with, and an active family.  Heidi would likely excel at dog sports because she is agile and active. If left out at home she will chew things so she needs to be crated when her family is away. She is a typical lab in so many ways ! She chases the resident cat but does not hurt the kitty.

Heidi is housebroken and does great with children, even as young as three years old. She loves to cuddle and would sleep with you if you let her.  She also loves to play. Heidi is a tall girl and weighs about 50 lbs.

Are you ready for a busy snugglebug? Heidi just might be your girl!


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