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Joanie - in Maine

Posted Nov 2022


Where are our puppy lovers?!

Joanie is a 4-1/2 month old Labrador Retriever mix pup, who was found straying with an adult male Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  She and her buddy were helped by our southern rescue partners and now she was able to come north into a loving foster family.


Her southern shelter friends said, "Joanie is friendly and playful with other puppies and adult dogs, and is loving towards our staff & volunteers.  We are unsure yet of her, crate, and leash...but she and her kennel mate tend to use only one corner of their kennel to potty. 

 We feel that she could easily join a family with an existing adult dog(s). She seems very bright, eager to please and is very sweet-natured. " 

Since arriving in Maine we have found that she likes the water, and she is having  a blast playing with her furry foster brother and her human pre-teen brother. 


If you are interested in Joanie or any of our cuties, please fill out the adoption application


Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed; they are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout New England. It is our expectation that, once approved, a potential family will meet the dog(s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 



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