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Linus - in Maine!
Most recent update: February 2022

This little lad is Linus and he is approx 6 years old; he is a 28 lb dachshund mix. We have no idea what the rest of his breed mix is but he wants you to know he is 100% adorable, so the rest doesn't matter!  Linus came back to our rescue last year and is living the life of luxury but he wants a forever home to call his own and he thinks now is the time!  


Linus would not be a dog for a first time owner, but one who has experience with dogs that are initially hesitant. Once he knows what to expect he is relaxed and warms up quickly. Linus will not be adopted into a home with children but would appreciate a new family that will listen to his signals and not put a lot of pressure on him to interact with lots of new friends. Linus gets excited and rolls around like a hilarious miniature seal; when he is jazzed up like that hecan be a little mouthy, but exhibits no pressure with his teeth.


With other dogs, Linus can be a little pushy, typical “little man” syndrome” but he responds to correction. He could live with another dog but it would have to be the right match. He would also love to soak up all the attention as an “only”. He is quite a hoot with a funny little personality, and would do well with a family who shows good leadership and a willingness to help Linus continue to grow in his skills through training and patience.  

February 2022 update: Linus is doing great! He is looking for a home as an “only” or with a chill dog that won’t be up in his grill constantly. He knows he needs a good human leader. Linus has medium energy and likes to be outside whenever possible, unless it’s super cold. He does not like to wear fancy clothes, don’t let the pictures fool you, it was a one-time weak moment ; 0 )


Here is a video of Linus playing with his favorite squeaky!

If you have interest in meeting Linus or any of our cities, please fill out the adoption application.


Please note: We do not have a physical location, but we are supported by a network of wonderful foster homes that are spread throughout New England. A dog will need to be visited by a prospective adopter in the foster home where they are feeling safe and comfortable.

Thank you for considering rescue!



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