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Mae Mae - in Maine!

Posted June 2023

Who could resist this sweet face?! What a doll!

This little beauty is Mae-Mae! She is listed as a corgi/terrier mix and is 22 lbs at one year old, so she won’t get any bigger. She is here in Maine and her foster mom tells us she has settled in quite easily. “She has a very sweet disposition!  She loves to cuddle on the couch with us, including the resident dogs and cats!  She can sit on the couch with ALL of the other animals (2 med sized dogs and 2 or 3 cats) and she will be the one in to end up in your lap !  She has the usual terrier energy and she needs lots of play and walks.  She likes to walk the fields at our house and in true terrier nature will shoot her nose into any hole she comes upon then pop up like a gopher on two legs and sniff the air! She is very curious about her surroundings and loves to explore.  She will take a shoe or clothing to cuddle up with if left to her own device, although she is not destructive to them, only cuddles.  She is currently crated when we are not home due to a little destruction that happened early on. We are still working on potty training as she has no "tells" about when she needs to go.


She LOVES her toys!  Squeakers are the best.  She plays ball and likes the Kong treat balls that give her mind a task.  She walks well although we are still working on the's getting better. Cheese helps.  She sleeps in the "dog area" in a pup bed with the rest of the pack and does well over night without crying or noise.  In fact, she's quite quiet unless someone comes to the door in which case she will bark and jump until she settles down and feels like the visitor is a friend :)  We are working on the jumping too. She is exuberant in her welcoming of new friends, both human and 4 legged!


She eats great and has a good appetite; loves her treats and love fruits/veg snacks as well.  Not a picky dog at all! Mae-Mae loves belly rubs and is good with people touching her paws.

She is still interested in the cats but is responsive; when they tell her they've had enough; she will walk away. Miss Mae Loves to go on car rides and can be found with paws on the dash taking in the sights; again no barking or excitement.  She seems content to ride in the lap of the passenger as well.  We take her out on errands as much as we can and she even went to the flea market with us! She did great!  Was curious about other dogs but not so much the people...I think she was scavenging for snacks on the ground under the tables so we kept her close!  We were able to easily bring her back into focus if she got distracted by another dog. I think she would be great as an "only" or with a family, probably with older kids; my dog sitter brought her 6 yr old and said she was good with her; they played a lot!

To apply to adopt Mae Mae or any of our wonderful dogs, please check out our application.

Please note: we do not have a physical facility where the dogs are housed; they are cared for in our wonderful foster network throughout Maine. It is our expectation that, once  approved, a potential family will meet the dog(s) in the foster setting where they are feeling safe and loved. 

Thank you for considering rescue!



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