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Our Mission

Not every pup is lucky enough to have a forever home. That's where we come in. Lucky Pup Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established for the purpose of re-homing dogs in need. We believe that all dogs deserve a safe and happy forever home regardless of breed or where they are from. Our mission

is to find the best match of forever family so that the humans and their canine buddies will have a long happy 

life together. First, dogs come into one of our foster families where they learn house manners, become comfortable with newexperiences, and get their needs met while being assessed to help us in making that special forever match. We are based in southern Maine,

but we do not have a physical shelter



We are proud to say we have found permanent homes for more than 2000 dogs since January 2008. Our return rate is extremely low, under 5%. We work with local New England dogs who need new homes and we partner with overcrowded shelters and rescues in the southern United States.

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Would you like to adopt one of our lovable friends? Check out our adoption application.

Featured Adoptable Pups

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